Why do disputes arise between two rental parties?

There are several things which arise disputes between different people on regular basis. Sometimes the reason of dispute is too small that the parties will laugh on that after the dispute is over but at that time frame it will make them hyper and they start fighting without thinking about it twice, that’s why it is often said that you have to control your anger at the time of a dispute no matter how small it is because small misunderstandings can create big problems. If anyone caught in the situation of dispute with the tenant or landlord then there are special lawyers available in the rental dispute center Dubai to resolve the issue between the parties. To know more about the main causes of rental disputes you have to see this or visit here:

Damage: Damage to the property of the landlord by tenant is the main cause of dispute. It is natural that when a person saw his possessions in bad stature then they get hyper and they want to get compensated and when it does not happen then the hyper argument will turn in to a big fight when no one is there to stop it. If there is a small damage without consent or a small wear and tear problem then it is considered as normal but there should be no deliberate act of damage there.

Repairs: Repairs arose the dispute very often as sometimes the tenant think that the landlord is too much delaying the repairing process and landlord think that the tenant is dragging the situation more than necessary and it creates an atmosphere for fight. If there is an emergency need of repair like the bursting of a pipe line or broken kitchen sink or bathroom tap should be repaired on urgent basis and landlord should be aware of the urgency of the repair. But if there is a tear in the wall paint or the damaged room door lock are of less importance to repair quickly and tenant needs to understand that.

Guests: There is some landlord that does not allow guests for more than a certain number of days in a month. If the tenant violates that then he has to pay for the guests as the full time tenants in that house or room.