Modern view of Kitchen counters

Have you ever used those solid surface kitchen counters made with material chemical name in Alumina trihydrate acrylic, epoxy or polyester resin. Introduced by DuPont under the name of Corian, it is quite popular to this day and has been used by millions around the world.  Since the expiry of patent other manufacturer has introduced their brands. A number of multinational companies’ manufacture solid surface sheets which is molded in desired finished having a very impressive and beautiful look.  As the solid surface is homogeneous hence it gives similar look just from top to the bottom, solid surface is of low porosity keeps the bacteria away.


A number of regional manufacturers produce for local markets also. Solid surface is a non porous low maintenance material usually used in countertops. It resembles granite marble stone and other natural material.  In residential premises solid surface can be used as kitchen counters. The attraction of solid surface counter is its impermeability (not permitting the passage of liquid, gas or other fluid). So the chances of water collection and the growth of bacteria growth become negative. Integral protective panel make outline wall seamless and without gap. A kitchen fully protected of bacteria is highly desirable and simultaneously should be appreciated. Manufactured in sheet form for fabrication into finished countertops. Solid surface can also be cast into a variety of shapes and hence left a lot of choice for a customer just from matte to high gloss. As it is a bit easy to maintain matte or satin finish, many manufacturers usually recommend these finished installations. The cost of installation per square foot ranges from AED 60 – 120 or more in some cases.


This depends upon the style, colors and pattern and obviously who is the manufacturer? Solid surface can be repaired even after use for years and having significant wear and tear by solid surface company or authorized fabricators. Solid surface faces competition from natural stone and engineered stone and quartz but this material is very much popular particularly in residential new constructions. In commercial and industrial settings solid surface market is gaining strength. Fabrication and installation of solid surface kitchen counter should be carried out by authenticated solid surface company as these companies have technical knowhow and well knitted staff expert in doing the needful well supported by the professionals of high caliber. This solid surface company can provide services after fabrication and installation as the repairs of solid surface is possible even after wear and tear of several years. Look at this to know further these companies support in choosing a better stuff for fabrication and installation.